Thursday, June 19, 2008

Columbus Storm!

So last week there was a rather large storm in Columbus! Lots of rain, lightening, and thunder!  Peoples cars flooded and some basements too! Thankfully ours did not!! Here are a couple snapshots I got:

and last but not least.... my husband!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Cousin Will

So my 5 year old cousin Will was diagnosed with Cancer last week.  He is now at St. Jude and has begun his treatment and Chemo.  I just can't understand how something like this happens to a 5 year old little boy.  His parents have been the best example.  They have stayed so positive and so strong in their faith.  They are amazing. Please visit  for updates on their journey.  Over 2o,000 people have visited this website and are praying for sweet Will and his family.  Please keep them in your thoughts!!!



So I always said I would never be a wedding photographer, but once reality set in that quickly changed.  My mom always said NEVER SAY NEVER, and once again she was right!!!  For the past weekends I have been assisting with David Bernstein ( a local photographer here in Columbus).  He has been so helpful and taught me so much and given me a completely different outlook on Wedding Photography.  I am actually enjoying it!  Here are some images from the past weddings I have been a 2nd shooter on with David.  Check out his website and his blog.  His work is awesome!  

Be sure and check out Davids Blog where he has all the images from these weddings!