Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So I always said I would never be a wedding photographer, but once reality set in that quickly changed.  My mom always said NEVER SAY NEVER, and once again she was right!!!  For the past weekends I have been assisting with David Bernstein ( a local photographer here in Columbus).  He has been so helpful and taught me so much and given me a completely different outlook on Wedding Photography.  I am actually enjoying it!  Here are some images from the past weddings I have been a 2nd shooter on with David.  Check out his website and his blog.  His work is awesome! www.bernsteinphotography.com/  

Be sure and check out Davids Blog where he has all the images from these weddings!



lottery said...
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mongy said...

I am just so very proud of you maggie.........YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!love you so very much!