Monday, May 19, 2008

Our first Visitor---PATTON!!!!

Patton flew into town on Friday! We had such a fun weekend! I'm going to be sad to see him leave tomorrow :-(  He is my first visitor since I have been here in Columbus!  Come back SOON Patton!!!!1

We got a Wii this weekend!!!! YEAH!!! We have been trying to get one for the past couple weeks at Target but they have been sold out!  Cass got up real early on Sunday and came home with one!!!! We have had more fun playing it and I must say I'm a quite the bowler!!!! :-)
Patton and I went to see KID ROCK last night! Patton is obsessed with Kid Rock! We had a blast! He really does put on a great show!

Cass woke Patton up with a song!! ha!
I just got a new lens for my camera! It is amazing!! I made Patton let me take some pictures of him! This one is my FAVORITE!!!!

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mongy said...

what a handsome guy!!!!!!!!!