Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My 4 Week Update!

Since my last update quite a few things have happened!  I was so thrilled to be taken off my steroids; unfortunately, I was only off of them for one full day. I immediately got sick as a dog.  Luckily, the next day I had a doctors appointment at the Cleveland Clinic with my new doctor.  On the way to Cleveland, I literally became the sickest I have ever felt.  I had the WORST headache of my life, my speech was messing up, and both of my arms were going numb.  When we got to my appointment, they immediately took me back and gave me a steroid as well as other pain medications.  Next, I was admitted into the hospital for an overnight stay.  During my visit I got an EEG and another MRI, which both were normal.  YEAH!  I went home the next day feeling much better! 

To say the least.... I am back on steroids  until the end of May (still having all the side effects).  They have put me on a plan to "ween" me off of steroids, so I don't get so sick again.  I have gained 20lbs and I am still nothing like "Maggie".  Can't wait to be myself again!   

I went last week and got to meet with Carla again ( Dr. Vogelbaums nurse). She is so amazing!  Carla answered all my questions and comforted me so much.  Today is one month since my surgery! I can't believe it!  I get more freedom in what I can do! I will be able to start taking pictures again! I will be able to push myself more; however, I have to rest when I get tired.  I still feel 80 years old when walking up and down stairs!!!  A 9 hour awake craniotomy sure is something!!!! My scar is healing nicely! I go back on July 30th ( My Daddy's birthday) for my MRI to make sure I am still tumor free (which I will be!!!).  If the tumor shows signs of growing again, then they will have a treatment plan for me.  It sounds like a very tolerable treatment. No sickness, hair-loss, etc....  Things sound good and I know GREAT THINGS ARE TO COME!!!!! :-)

My Dad and Cass had a rib cook off!
mom replanted our herb garden!!
me and dad planted flower pots! so much fun!!!!

This is a piece of Art all the Deans contributed to during our journey.  This gift means more to me than anything I have ever received.  It is so beautiful, inspiring, and so special to me.  I will cherish it for the rest of my entire life!  I LOVE THE DEANS!!!!!!!!! Each Dean contributed their own aspect to this piece of Art.


Kim said...

I love the pics!!!! Mary does, too! She asked me if Cass was "Daddy!" I guess she was a little confused since Frank recently had a beard. Ha! You will be back to yourself very, very soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Maggie! I love that you are blogging! I enjoyed reading the update - thanks for doing this! I am praying that this month flies by and that you are back to yourself soon! I love the pictures and that painting is awesome - how neat! Love you! Meg